Being Confident of God’s Plan

God’s Plan for you is specific… and amazing! Check out this video from Rick Renner… And receive with confidence, the life you were intended to live!

Jesus… the Reason for the Season

Jesus… He is Light… He is Love… He is Grace…

Thankfulness Glorifies GOD

In order to truly magnify and glorify God, we must be thankful for what He has done. And we have a lot to be thankful for! Join us for our Online Bible Study. Happy Thanksgiving from our House to Yours!

Experience Purpose & shine !!

Many people are excited when they first find out that God has an amazing plan for their lives. They are raring to go. Ready to conquer anything. But an interesting thing begins to happen after a little while. The excitement begins to wear off as the trials of everyday life start to creep in. We … Continue reading

Your Gift is Calling – The Best is Yet to Come!

It is never too late! As long as there is the breath of life in you, you can step into that plan that has been waiting for you from before the time you were born. Connect with the Master… Jesus. And you will connect to the master plan. And get ready to experience the ride … Continue reading