Big Dreams – Big Faith

God has called you to BIG Dreams… Here’s some encouragement from Terri Savelle Foy to help you get jump started into the dream of a lifetime! God has called you to dream big dreams. Every God-given dream requires faith in order to reach it. So, how can you determine if your faith is BIG enough … Continue reading

Capture Your Dream Thieves

On the day Elijah called Elisha — “It’s important to understand what Elisha did in front of his family and why he did it. “First, Elisha killed his oxen. Then he took the expensive wooden apparatus he used to drive the oxen and broke it into pieces. Finally, he used this wood to kindle a … Continue reading

You Are Valuable

You may have made horrible mistakes and need to know God still loves you. You may have been cruelly sinned against and need the reassurance that God would never treat you that way. No matter what has happened or what will happen, God’s response to you is the same. You are his. You are loved. … Continue reading

The Power of Thanks

Written by Jesse Duplantis There is power in being thankful to God. This month, we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. Homes around the country will say a prayer and thank God for His blessings. But, to me, expressing gratitude to God is something we should do every single day—and not just over … Continue reading