Life on purpose ~~ Part 4

By Andrew Wommack One mistake people often make in seeking God’s purpose is that they assume whatever they’re good at in the natural must be what God wants them to do. So if they’re naturally good at public speaking, they figure God must have called them to a speaking ministry of some sort. I don’t … Continue reading

Life On Purpose ~ Part 3

By Andrew Wommack Once you realize that you are the one responsible for discovering God’s will, the next step is to start seeking God for it. He’s not hiding His will from you. But you’re going to have to do some seeking to find it. Jeremiah 29:12-13 tells us how we need to seek God: … Continue reading

Life on purpose ~ Part 2

By Andrew Wommack God had all of your days written out before you were born. You aren’t a mistake going somewhere to happen. You haven’t been placed on this earth by chance. Where and when you were born, the parents God gave you, your personality, and everything else about you was orchestrated by God for … Continue reading

Life On purpose

How To Find God’s Will By Andrew Wommack Recently one of my employees told me about a man she met at a business near our office. When the man found out that this employee worked for me, he said that about thirty years ago, he had given one of my tapes to his niece who … Continue reading