Experience Purpose & shine !!

Many people are excited when they first find out that God has an amazing plan for their lives. They are raring to go. Ready to conquer anything. But an interesting thing begins to happen after a little while. The excitement begins to wear off as the trials of everyday life start to creep in. We … Continue reading

Into the Word this New Year – Precept Ministries

Fellow Believer, do you know what life in the Spirit is? And what it means for your life? Do you have any idea how much power the Father gifted you in His plan to conform you to the image of His perfect Son—Man as he’s supposed to be!? Do you know exactly what happened when … Continue reading

From Religion to REALITY !

Feeling burnt out? Stressed out? I challenge you to take the leap from religion to REALITY! The reality that says … God is who He says He IS. And He will DO what He says He will do! Don’t try to put God in a box, no matter how pretty it is or how religious … Continue reading

The Power of Passion and Purpose

Passion!… Is it a part of your life? What about purpose? I know for myself, there have been times in my life that the answer to these questions would have been a resounding… NO! But God didn’t leave me that way, and He won’t leave you that way either. He has a much better plan. God … Continue reading

The Heart of a Champion

You are a Champion! Determine to win at everything you do. Think like a champion, have the Heart of a Champion! No matter what is going on around you, the Word of God says that you ARE a Champion. And His Word is always true. So keep pressing forward. Keep your mind and heart set … Continue reading