Into the Word this New Year – Precept Ministries

Fellow Believer, do you know what life in the Spirit is? And what it means for your life? Do you have any idea how much power the Father gifted you in His plan to conform you to the image of His perfect Son—Man as he’s supposed to be!? Do you know exactly what happened when … Continue reading

Through the Bible in 2011

Many are planning to Listen To or Read  the Bible through this year and I encourage you to join us. What a wonderful way to embrace the heart of God. A simple way to do this is to listen to it online right here in daily segments. You can do this easily by clicking on … Continue reading

Your Call is Calling – The Best is Yet to Come!

It’s New Year’s Eve as I sit and write this and the thought that keeps going through my mind is “It’s a New Season”. A new season… a new calling. Or perhaps a not so new calling that has been laid aside and is yearning to be picked up once again. It has been waiting … Continue reading

Hope for a Beautiful Future… Jesus

Hello my friends. Sit back, listen, and enjoy this video of beautiful music and graphics. God has planned a magnificent year ahead for you. Set your eyes on Him, on Jesus and as you do, as you put His purposes and His Kingdom plans first, you will be set in place for the miraculous to … Continue reading

Happy New Year My Friends!

  Wishing you the best year ever with Jesus leading you every step of the way. Happy New Year my friends!