The Glory and Righteousness! – Patricia King

5 minutes of pure Power!  

Your Gift is Calling – The Best is Yet to Come!

It is never too late! As long as there is the breath of life in you, you can step into that plan that has been waiting for you from before the time you were born. Connect with the Master… Jesus. And you will connect to the master plan. And get ready to experience the ride … Continue reading

Never give up

  Never give up. No matter what it looks like. No matter what it feels like. Don’t give up. God is with you. 

Your Call is Calling – The Best is Yet to Come!

It’s New Year’s Eve as I sit and write this and the thought that keeps going through my mind is “It’s a New Season”. A new season… a new calling. Or perhaps a not so new calling that has been laid aside and is yearning to be picked up once again. It has been waiting … Continue reading