Dream Big… God can handle it

God has placed the desire to fly in the heart of every young eagle. The eagle yearns to get up to the rarified stratosphere of the heavens, close to the sun, and close to Him who is indeed King over the earth. He is wired to reign in the majesty that he was created to … Continue reading

You’ve Already Got it

God loves you… and nothing will ever change His love for you. His love compelled Him to provide for you every thing you will ever need. Faith in God and all that He is, is not believing that God can or will provide for you everything you need. But rather it is believing that God … Continue reading

Being Confident of God’s Plan

God’s Plan for you is specific… and amazing! Check out this video from Rick Renner… And receive with confidence, the life you were intended to live!

God has a special plan for my life – The Resurrected Lifestyle

Author: Carolyn Savelle Today’s Confession: God has a special plan for my life. He loves me. I am His child. Do you know that God has a plan for your life? He had this plan before the foundation of the world. It’s like an architect who has spent hundreds of hours in preparation for a … Continue reading

You Have Been Recovered Released and Restored!

Jesus has redeemed you from the curse… and its effects on your life. God has released you from the past. He is giving you, has given you, a new life. You have been created for great things… for victory and not for defeat.Your life was created on purpose, with purpose.Find out how you can walk … Continue reading