Capture Your Dream Thieves

On the day Elijah called Elisha — “It’s important to understand what Elisha did in front of his family and why he did it.


“First, Elisha killed his oxen. Then he took the expensive wooden apparatus he used to drive the oxen and broke it into pieces. Finally, he used this wood to kindle a fire and cook his freshly killed oxen. By doing this, Elisha was publicly burning every bridge behind him.

He was sending a signal to his family, to his friends, and even to himself that this was the point of no return.

“Likewise, when you know that God is asking you to step out of the status quo and move into His next season of purpose for your life, you’ll need to do what Elisha did. Once you know you’ve taken care of all your responsibilities and have done all you need to do to prepare for your new assignment, it will be time to take the next step. Ask God what it means for you to reach that point of no return. What must you do to make sure you never turn back from following His will for your life?” —



What are your thoughts?

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