Knowing Your Destiny

Today is the day…
You’ve got lots of projects on the burner…
You struggle to get them all done…

Deadlines are calling your name over and over.

And you work hard!

But at the end of the day…

when it’s all said and done…

It’s empty.

And you think… Why?

God is calling your name.

He has a work for you… that won’t even seem like work.

Amazing yes?

It is called Destiny.

It is what you were created for.

It is what you are uniquely suited for.

All your giftings and abilities point right to it…

and fit in perfectly.

So where is it, you say?

It is deep within you.

God has placed it there.

It is waiting to be revealed…

though it is not hidden.

God is unveiling it to you.

Get aside with Him.

Get quiet.

Let Him speak.

Write down what you hear.

And begin to do what you hear.

It is time to step in…

and the time is now.

It’s your time…

to Soar!


What are your thoughts?

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