What’s Wrong with Halloween… & What You Can Do About It

Each year during Halloween, parents are faced with the dilemma of letting their children participate in what the world calls “harmless fun” and their own concerns about the spiritual significance of this holiday.

Even though Halloween can seem harmless, it does have dark pagan roots and as believers we should never celebrate fear and terror.

What options do believers have during this time of year? We believe every Christian must be personally led of the Lord in what activities they should participate.

Some Christians choose not to participate in any activities during the time when the world celebrates Halloween. They use this as an opportunity to teach their children that sometimes non-Christians will do things in which we simply can’t participate.

Churches will often offer harvest celebrations that have nothing to do with Halloween at all. The fall harvest is a beautiful time of year that is great for celebrating God’s provision.

Many churches host Halloween alternatives because they have found great success in offering fun activities to their communities and have won many to Christ through these types of events.

In the end, the Lord may lead all of us in different directions. Our job is simply to follow the direction we have received from the Lord and not judge the decisions of others in the body of Christ.

by: Kenneth Copeland Ministries
via What’s Wrong with Halloween.


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