Sometimes things are different than they seem.

Sometimes things are different than they seem.


Have you ever thought you knew exactly the direction that God was directing you to go, then suddenly things looked very different than you thought they would?


This can be either disheartening, or very encouraging. Which one will you choose?

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed this in my life as well.

The thing that I was striving so hard to get, I found was already there. God had placed it right at my feet. But I didn’t recognize it.

You see, I was expecting it in another form. And when it looked different than what I was expecting, my eyes glanced at it and kept on going, looking for something else.

Then suddenly, seemingly out of no where… the light came on!

I wish that I could tell you what triggered the change… what brought that aha moment. But I had done nothing differently that I could remember… but maybe one thing… I obeyed.

I did what I felt that God was telling me to do. I spoke what He told me to speak. I praised His name to others. And then… things just seemed to click into place and I knew that I was in that favored place. I knew it had happened. It? That dream, that prayer. I knew that I was right in the middle of that amazing answer to prayer and the fulfillment of that special dream.

So why is that important? What does that mean for me? It means… Don’t discount the journey.

As you are traveling toward your dream… one day you will wake up and realize you are standing right in the middle of it. You have arrived at your destination… and it is GOOD!

To God be the Glory!


What are your thoughts?

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