Life on purpose ~~ Part 4

By Andrew Wommack

One mistake people often make in seeking God’s purpose is that they assume whatever they’re good at in the natural must be what God wants them to do. So if they’re naturally good at public speaking, they figure God must have called them to a speaking ministry of some sort. I don’t believe this is always true. It certainly wasn’t true in my case. I was scared stiff of speaking in front of people.

wired-for-purpose-web sizeGod called me to do what is beyond my natural ability so that I would have to rely on Him to get it done. That’s why God’s will may have nothing to do with your natural gifts. If you can do something yourself—naturally—you wouldn’t need God’s empowerment. Sometimes people’s talents may be an indication of what God’s will is, but many have gifts and talents they don’t even know exist.

Paul said that God had separated him from his mother’s womb and called him by His grace (Gal. 1:15). God purposed for Paul to be a minister of the Gospel before he was ever born. He didn’t look at Paul’s talents once he grew up and then decided He could use him. His life had been predestined, just as yours is. So if you only look at what you’re good at to determine your purpose, you may totally miss it.

I believe that most people are not accomplishing what God has called them to do. They may be doing good works, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re walking in God’s purpose for their lives. Not everything that is good is God.

Believe me, God’s perfect will is worth finding. Supernatural peace and joy come when you’re in the center of His will. And God’s blessing and anointing will always be on your work when you’re doing what He’s called you to do.

Do you feel dissatisfied or unsettled with your life? Are you tired of just going to work, coming home, watching television, going to bed, then getting up and doing it all over again? If so, it may be God who has placed a holy dissatisfaction within you in hopes of provoking you to start seeking out His perfect will. Don’t wait another day to begin the search for God’s will in your life.

If you wants to learn more about finding God’s will for your life, Andrew has multiple teachings on it here.

It’s time to step in. It’s time. Let nothing stop you!

What are your thoughts?

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