Life On purpose

How To Find God’s Will
By Andrew Wommack

Recently one of my employees told me about a man she met at a business near our office. When the man found out that this employee worked for me, he said that about thirty years ago, he had given one of my tapes to his niece who was living a very ungodly lifestyle. After she listened to the tape, she turned her life over to the Lord and eventually became a missionary, totally dedicated to God’s will for her life.

life-on-purposePraise God for this testimony! But what if I hadn’t been walking in God’s will and preaching the Gospel? One possibility is that her life may never have changed. Of course, God could have used someone else to reach her, but who knows how long that would have taken or how far from God she may have strayed in the meantime? This story illustrates how important it is for each one of us to be doing what God has called us to do.

Are you fulfilling your call? Do you even know what God has ordained for your life? If not, you’re certainly not alone.

I recently ministered at a Gospel Truth Seminar in Orlando, Florida, on the subject of finding God’s will. Two-thirds of the audience rose when I asked for those to stand up who didn’t know if they were walking in God’s will. Being uncertain of God’s plan for our lives is common among Christians. But it shouldn’t be (Eph. 5:17). How can we ever expect to build God’s kingdom if we don’t know our part?

The place to start is to realize that the Lord has a specific and unique plan for you. He’s had this plan in mind before you were even born.

Psalm 139:15-16 says,

“My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (New International Version).

God had all of your days written out before you were born. You aren’t a mistake going somewhere to happen. You haven’t been placed on this earth by chance. Where and when you were born, the parents God gave you, your personality, and everything else about you was orchestrated by God for a specific purpose.

However, you can’t assume that God’s will is automatically going to come to pass in your life. It won’t.

To be continued…

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