With Bubbling Excitement… Let God

You have a purpose.

You have a destiny.

Our God is an amazing God. His ways are so much Higher than ours and yet He delights to bless us and to lead us and to love us and to teach us and to call us His own. Thank you Abba.

Soap_bubbles_RGBWhat has God been placing on your heart lately? Is it something bigger than you can believe for? Trust God to mold that dream into marvelous reality in your life… for His purpose… for His glory.

Joseph was a young boy when God dropped an enormous dream into his heart, into his spirit. The funny thing was that he was just young enough to believe it excitedly without second guessing it.

So often we, who have a little more experience, perhaps a few more years under our belts, are more hesitant to accept God’s dreams and purposes for us. They seem way too big for us. But if they were, too big that is, would God have given them to us?

Putting it into perspective, yes, in the natural, these dreams can be too big for us to do in and of ourselves… but with God… all things are possible… Remember that truth? (smile)

I challenge you to reach out today and purposefully receive that amazing dream that God, your Abba, has been attempting to give to you for quite a while now.

And with patient endurance and bubbling excitement… allow God to bring it to pass for you in all His splendor. He love you… abundantly. Trust.


What are your thoughts?

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