I Need Some Answers

Needing direction for a new venture? Struggling with knowing what step comes next in your journey? Wishing someone with some good answers would drop by your door?

What if I were to tell you that the very answer you are looking for, the one you know exists, is already within your grasp?

You may find that hard to believe because you have been searching long and hard, sometimes losing sleep, trying to locate it. You may be saying… I have prayed. I have studied the Word. I have done everything I know to do and still I don’t have the answer.

Think about it. coffee and laptop - my work - my call

What has God already given you light on? What has He already dropped into your heart, into your mind? What is it that the still small voice of God has suggested to you? What is it that He has impressed you to take a step toward but you feel you do not have the needed information or resources to do yet?

God gives us what we need to take the next step needed, though we may not see the next 4 steps like we would surely like to see.

As we step out into the step, the light, that He has already given, no matter how small that light is, suddenly more light becomes available. Those things that were not visible before, now become visible. This is just the way it works. Even if we wish that it would work another way… it does not. This is the plan, this is the way.

Lift your head high. Get your feet in motion. Put forth some determined action. Start stepping out into the light already given and never look back. The future looks better than your past!


This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.   1John 1:5

Be ye Holy - scripture


What are your thoughts?

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