Into the Word this New Year – Precept Ministries

Fellow Believer, do you know what life in the Spirit is? And what it means for your life?

Do you have any idea how much power the Father gifted you in His plan to conform you to the image of His perfect Son—Man as he’s supposed to be!?

Click to watch today's program. You will never be the same Do you know exactly what happened when God raised you from your isolated death-march in sin to a new life of grace and community?

Maybe you’ve never comprehended the full scope of the Spirit’s work in salvation—His leading, His filling, His wisdom and counsel, His advocacy and intercession, His righteousness, peace, joy, and comfort, His fruit, His power to sanctify—subdue and conquer the flesh, that self-centered power principle in all of us.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to share these life-changing precepts with you. You’re going to get a new vision and fresh appreciation for the Spirit’s life and work within you as we discover together the precious truths of God’s Word, God’s way!

Kay Small Signature

Precepts for Life, hosted by Kay Arthur, is the only TV and radio program that takes you through the Bible book by book, verse by verse. Kay’s warm yet direct teaching respects the audience with love and accountability. This powerful 30-minute program is broadcast Monday-Friday to over 94 million homes around the world. Study online with us any time.

Click our picture to watch today’s program.


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