How’s Your Trust Level?

God is always moving.

He is moving in your life and mine… right this very minute… to the extent that we allow Him to.

Our lives are in His hands and He is a wonderful craftsman. With this said… do we hesitate to let Him have His way in our lives? There are always tweaks that need to made in us, in our lifestyles, our relationships, our careers, and on and on. When we need to tweak something here or there, we say it is for improvement and necessary.

his bride I propose to you that God feels the same way. That in our lives during different seasons of growth there are areas that need tweaking, readjusting if you will. What worked well for us at one level, will now have to be laid aside for the next.

A bottle of formula in a 14 year old’s mouth is out of place, just as a pair of house slippers is out of place at a formal dinner. Out of place for different reasons, to be sure, but out of place none the less.

As we move forward in this journey called life, let us let God call the shots for us. Let Him tell us when things need to be changed… When things need to be adjusted, added, or even taken away.

His eyes are ever on us. His thoughts are ever toward us. He loves us so much and His pruning is done with loving hands, not as a way to hurt us, but to get us in place, to strengthen us for the next magnificent stage of our journey.

There is something wonderful out there waiting for us but we must be in place to receive it. We must have the tools and abilities in place to successfully engage in these next exciting adventures. We must be trained for the next event! If not, things might be way over our heads and perhaps even dangerous.

God is for us and never once against us. We are His masterpiece. If He didn’t love us in such a magnificent and enormous way, He would never have sent His Son, Jesus, to this earth to die for us… would He?

Let’s let God grow us up today. Let Him teach you… instruct you… prepare you.

And as He positions you… Expect the miraculous to happen!!


Psalm 84:12
O LORD Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.


What are your thoughts?

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