My Future… My Life

I love to watch God work, don’t you? You see, end results, when we let God do the work, are rather amazing.

For instance, have you ever had a dream dropped into your spirit, and then tried to work out that dream in your own strength, or perhaps on your own timeline? Doesn’t work does it?

Or how about trying to walk out a plan for your life that you really would “love” to have, only to fall flat on your face because no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work?

rose 1Every one of us has experienced this hard and sometimes embarrassing scenario.

Why does this happen?

Well, it is usually because either God has something entirely different planned for our lives that will fit us much, much better. And it’s coming into place if we just let it. Or, because we are out of the timing of the Lord.

You see, we are uniquely gifted with abilities and gifts that work wonderfully when we put them to use properly. And God knows exactly how they work. If we allow Him to guide us to the right things to do, the right events to participate in, the right projects to be involved with, then we will fit in amazingly well, and will do things almost expertly with very little training.

But on the flip side, we can train, and train, and train for something God has not gifted us for, and never rise above the level of mediocrity. That’s not fun. You never win. You never succeed no matter how hard you try.

Which would you want? I choose gifting!

You may be thinking yes, I understand and have found that to be true in my life, but I think I have found what I am suppose to be doing. I have found my God given niche. But it is still not working. What now? I’ve been there.

Often the solution here is timing.

God will often drop a dream into our spirit long before it is time to walk it out. It will be a seed waiting to sprout, grow, and gain strength.

When this is the case, let God grow your dream. Give Him time to grow you into your dream as well. We have a lot of growing to do. Let God develop you into something wonderful. In fact, He is doing it now.

Nothing you are experiencing is going to waste.

You are gaining the skills needed to step in even now. And God’s timing is perfect. Trust Him. He is placing you exactly where you need to be for this time, for this season. And it is good. He is good.

Enjoy your day in Jesus and watch Him work!

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  1. Wonderful post. Sounds like my experience recently. Find it here:

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