Faithful God… Ever True

Have you ever wondered if God really could or really would come through for you? I mean, sure, God is God… but your circumstances are in the here and now, right?. What do you do? How does this work? God where are you? Ever been there? I have.

But let me tell you…

There is something that has worked for me every time. What has worked, you ask? Just watching and waiting for the faithful One to do His thing.

You see… God really is who He says He is. He really does do what He says He will do. The only requirement?… Trust and Obey.

Oh no! You say. And I understand. Sometimes the road is hard and you can’t seem to see what God is doing. That’s ok. I know He understands our shaking in our boots sometimes. Our part is just to make sure that as we shake in our boots, we are still listening, seeking, waiting, and obeying.

faithful1Listening… for His voice, for His direction.

Seeking… His wisdom and His direction from His Word

Obeying… all those bits and pieces of direction that you are receiving from the Master of the Universe… Jesus Himself.

Waiting… for that perfect, always so perfect timing of God. Just like swinging a bat in baseball… if you swing too soon… you miss. If you swing too late… you miss. But when you swing at just the right time… at just the right speed, you knock that ball right out of the park… and it is gone!

So it is with God.baseball_player

Somewhere in the midst of your shaking, in the midst of your storm, the atmosphere will begin to change. You will notice that the sun is beginning to rise… to rise right in the midst of your storm… and you will realize that somewhere along the way, the pitch was thrown, the bat was swung, the ball was knocked out of the park…and you have indeed, sometimes surprisingly so, been delivered!

It happens every time. Why? Because God is faithful!

Hang on! Don’t let go! God IS working.



What are your thoughts?

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