Changed into His Image

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, Jesus gave His disciples the power to walk, talk, act and love just like Him. We have that same power available to us today! Listen for His voice… follow His leading. Then Watch the power of God fall!

He (God) sent His Word and Healed them and Delivered them from their destructions. Psalm 107:20… Receive it my friends… You have healing and victory over all destructive things. Let no one steal it from you or talk you out of it… It Is YOURS!

Complete Victory is yours today. Yours because you are called, empowered, and equipped for the task at hand. And as you successfully complete that task, many more will come your way, taking you higher and closer to the person you have always wanted to be… changing you into the image of that person who has called you His… Your King… Jesus!

Be strong and very courageous. God will and is fighting your battles for you. Your job, my job, is to trust Him completely and watch it unfold right before our very eyes.

Rejoice… It is done!


What are your thoughts?

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