From Religion to REALITY !

Feeling burnt out? Stressed out?

I challenge you to take the leap from religion to REALITY!

The reality that says … God is who He says He IS. And He will DO what He says He will do!

Don’t try to put GodIn praise in a box, no matter how pretty it is or how religious it is. He won’t fit!

Allow God to electrify your life with the Truth and Freedom of His Word! Open your heart and ask God to give you eyes to see as He sees. There is FREEDOM in Jesus, His Word, and His Spirit!

Dare to step out and believe what God’s Word says is true, even if no one else around you will follow you. You will find that the sky begins to look blue-er and the sun begins to shine brighter in your life. And you will begin to realize that you were created to soar!

Religion not based on truth and freedom can kill you, but God and His Word have come to SET YOU FREE !!

Enjoy His gift of freedom and life, by His Spirit. Enjoy Jesus! He loves you… bunches!

What are your thoughts?

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